So, we are expanding here and after me and the missus and Marley the dog became 4 with the birth of our daugther, we are soon to become five with the arrival of Tonks Jnr 2 so we need some space!!

When we bought our cottage around 10 years ago it was just a shoe box. We extended in 2005, built the studio and garages in 2007 and extended again in 2009 and now we are gonna do it again… cannot wait!

‘The Brain’ will connect all of our various additions which although work ok as they are, i think a new flow will be created in our home which will work really well for us now we are a growing family.

Here is a breakdown on how we got the space…. original house in red, 2 storey rear extension in blue which received full planning approval, the outbuildings are in green and were built under Permitted Development (PD) therefore not requiring a planning application and likewise, the kitchen extension in orange was also a PD project.


And for the next chapter, we had to apply for a full application which was approved last week and it looks a little something like this..


obs3 As viewed from the rear, ‘The Brain’ is the grey building which will feature a small mezzanine play deck for the kids and will be clad in grey metal seam cladding to reflect those found on the neighbouring farm.

My wife thinks i am a bit weird and crazy for the whole ‘brain’ thing but i kinda like that to be honest. She will love it, the kids will love it so happy days…


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