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03 Jul


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And here is another one which is proving to be popular which was a replacement dwelling i designed down in Kent.

Hope you enjoy












23 Jun


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We had a great end to the week last week when this scheme was approved!

This was once again a very ambitious proposal and ‘word on the street’ according to various local sources was that we didn’t stand a chance. Well, you know me by now…. if i hear something like that i am definitely gonna give it a crack and prove them wrong….

I met these clients only at the end of last year so the process has been pretty swift to be fair. The site itself is elevated facing the village green of a sleepy Buckinghamshire village, it has a Grade II listed house directly opposite and is within  the Aylesbury Vale District Council Conservation Area. Now, AVDC do have a reputation for being pretty tough but i think this is a little unfair in my opinion. What i think they do have is high standards when it comes to the design and integration of new dwellings into established environments. Something they would expect even more so within a Conservation Area.

We did a good pre-application process with AVDC and worked closely with the planning officer and conservation officer and between us, we collectively shaped the scheme to ensure the clients are happy with with it as well as the council.  We had a few concerns from neighbours and also the parish council, but again, with good communication flowing between everyone and the design decisions being made here, we got it spot on for everyone.

What we did ultimately achieve with this project is a two storey dwelling  as a replacement to a bungalow which most people considered impossible, especially in such a sensitive location. How we got it is down to a number of reasons but one of the key factors was the the fact that both the planning officer and conservation got what we were doing and what i stand for as a house designer. They concluded within their reports that the removal of the existing bungalow and the construction of this new dwelling would present an opportunity to enhance the conservation area.

This is the existing dwelling on the site.


And this is the replacement dwelling all approved and ready to go…!

bucks house

Massive congratulations to our lovely clients,.. i know they are going to be very happy in their new family home.


03 Jun


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Well, this is what its all about really….. 🙂

I had these photos sent through the other day from clients i designed and got planning for last year in lovely Buckinghamshire and i think they like the house now the oak frame has gone up… big smiles is what its all about.


This was a real toughie too.. the existing dwelling which we wanted to demolish because it was basically knackered sat in the Green Belt and in a Conservation Area so was always gonna be a fight.

We had to negotiate hard with the notoriously difficult Chiltern District Council and after a few design progressions and liaison with the planners we did get a result. More importantly, we got a result which hits the spot on every level for all members of the family and could easily be their lifetime home….

Some great shots of the Oakwrights frame and erection team too!








21 May


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Nice little result today….. we got planning for our clients for a replacement dwelling in a beautiful Cambridgeshire village not too far from my studio. We like the local ones 😉

I took the job on last year and it took around 2-3 months for the design process and then we submitted the application to South Cambs DC. The planning was always gonna be a toughie and it has taken longer than normal with the council for various reasons but we worked with them continously throughout and negotiated our position nicely to get to where we are today… a planning approval! Happy days…

So why was it a toughie? Well, the site itself is slap bang in the middle of the village Conservation Area where demolition is normally resisted. Furthermore, the plot is surrounded by Grade II listed buildings. These are some really good looking houses and cottages though and provided inspiration for my design. They have been there for hundreds of years and its a little humbling but also something that makes me very proud to think that my designed projects will be around for the next few hundred… Anyway,,.. yes, it was gonna be a toughie but we did have our very good reasons for wanting to demolish the existing dwelling.. that reason being….? It was beyond even being an ugly duckling! It was a 60’s/70’s box that was trying its damned hardest to be cool and modernist but failing miserably on pretty much every front… how did it even get built in the first place was my initial thought but its well documented that residential architecture went off on its own cosmic path during the 60’s and 70’s and it just “kinda happened that way,.. man” So here is the existing…



And here is the approved design in blue compared to the existing footprint in red so we have got a decent increase too.


And a section through the dwelling just to check it all works.


And the approved design which is clasically Cambridgeshire village. Everything i love. Its simple but quirky and has that immediate Cambridgeshire vernacular feel.


So job done on this one…. great site, great clients and a planning approval. They can go off and do the fun bit now…





13 Dec


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Had a great response in today from St Edmunsbury council in Suffolk for a barn style replacement dwelling project which sits on a lovely village green.


When we did the preapp, i advised my clients to get proper surveys done on the existing dwelling so we can produce architectural comparison drawings of old versus new but also things like bats, trees, on the ground ecology etc, all of which paid off as the preapp response acknowledges the level of detail we had put in and therefore gives the whole project credibility from day one.


In overall summary, the preapp response indicates the councils support in principle which means we can proceed to the next phase which is the full planning application.

Nice little result for a Friday!


25 Nov

Channel 4 Building the Dream

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As mentioned last week, i have had another of my projects secured for filming by Channel 4 for the next series of Building the Dream with Charlie Luxton




Obviously well pleased with this and i will keep you updated with details as and when i hear.


10 Aug


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Very very pleased with this one! Its been a while coming but at last today we have received full planning approval for this replacement dwelling in Essex.

I am pleased on many levels really. Firstly, my clients have already sold their house and have been on site in two caravans for 3 winters and during this time have had 2 children! As you can imagine, this has not been the easiest of situations so my full admiration goes out to them.

Secondly, this was an ambitious application to achieve a highly contemporary building in what is a fairly sleepy and traditional Essex village and i am so happy to have been able to take a contemporary project on like this and get the approval through first time. As i have blogged previously, i am now getting a good mix of both traditional and contemporary clients so am in design heaven really!

This is a mood board i worked up with the clients which gives a flavour as to how cool this building is going to look! I cannot wait to get things moving now for these great clients.

I am going to be assisting them with sourcing the timber frame package and can also help them build good relationships with some of my subcontractors and suppliers for the rest of the build.

This is going to be a good one!


PS. did i mention we have designed the existing outdoor swimming to become an underground games room accessed via a tunnel from the main house with glass rooflights set into the lawn above?, well we are and its been approved! Very cool…

14 May


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I have a really great update from some of my clients in Buckinghamshire. This is a house i designed back in 2009 and it is now nearing completion and looks absolutely stunning!
Front Elevation 

My Planning Drawings

Front Driveway Approach

Rear Garden View

Rear Elevation

 This has been another joint venture with my good friends at T J Crump Oakwrights Ltd and you can see from the photos that these particular clients really knew what they wanted to achieve. 

The mix of materials is perfect for this beautiful rural plot and also the attention to detail is spot on. They wanted to build a house with instant character and they most certainly have pulled it off!

As is often the case with the PJT Design/Oakwrights partnership, we love to produce houses based on tradition whilst at the same time, introducing contemporary elements too.

Congratulations June and Geoff from myself and all at Oakwrights!

21 Mar


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I have been out and about in Cambridgeshire today and dropped in on some lovely clients in a village near Royston.

This is the previous house that was demolished

This is the replacement dwelling whereby we undertook the full design and planning process together with frame supply and erection by T J Crump Oakwrights and is now looking absolutely fantastic….!
The clients have made a great job of it and have used excellent materials.
Well done Tony and Sheila….!
21 Feb


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I was pleasantly surprised when my copy of the April edition of H&R was delivered by the postie yesterday as it featured one of my projects with a full write up and professional shots.

This was another joint project with my good friends at Oakwrights and was a replacement dwelling of traditional Cambridgeshire barn vernacular.

We had some great clients on this project (as always) who really understood the importance of the correct materials and detailing.

I was always confident they would do a good job and i was correct 100%. This house looks absolutely spot on set within a Conservation Area in a very quiet village with open countryside views to the rear

Congratulations Alison and Chris!