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14 Jun


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Been some time since i had the chance to sit down and write about some of the recently finished projects that are coming through from clients.

This one was received yesterday from some great clients in Suffolk and i have to say i absolutely love it!

My plan with this house was to produce a cottage style building but with a contemporary and quirky edge and the clients have done it spot on…

It is another joint venture with the wonderful people at Oakwrights…. always a pleasure ūüôā


13 Mar


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I do from time to time get to indulge my passion for contemporary projects and am pleased to say we have received full planning approval today for our clients on this scheme.

The existing house is a bit of 60/70 post modernism which in some respects never really quite hit the mark.

Over the years it has been extended and knocked about but ultimately it was never going to be right for our clients until i got my hands on it!

The scheme proposes removing the single storey flat roof section which currently houses 3 bedrooms and to move these upstairs into a new extension. The space at ground floor level can therefore be remodelled to create the utlimate large kitchen/dining/family room that we all aspire to nowadays.

In addition to the design element for this project, we also advised on how the external facade of the house should be clad in insulating panels and then re clad in a combination of locally referenced bricks and crisp acrylic thin coat render. Most of the joinery will also be replaced with double or triple glazed windows and doors.

So as you can see, whether you have a traditional or contemporary project or something in between, we can design the right scheme for you and get the planning approval. After that, you can enjoy the fun bit which is building it! We can also help you out with this as well by way of referral to our select group of builders and sub-contractors


22 Feb


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Much celebration in the PJT Design studio this morning as we have achieved an ambitious planning approval for Suffolk clients for one of my most ambitious extension/remodel projects in recent years which is also amongst my favourites.

The existing property is a small narrow cottage which is to be extended and remodelled to well over double its current size and will provide contemporary open plan living spaces mixed in with of course oak framing!!

Below are the existing front elevation and proposed

I loved the project from the start but more importantly i loved the clients. They have always been focused and informative and helped me drive the project along in an efficient manner.

Below are the existing rear elevation and proposed

What this approval demonstrates is two key things; 1 – You should always enter into pre-application discussions with the local authority when considering a project like this as in this instance, Babergh District Council have documented within the approval notice that the pre-app work we undertook allowed us to professionally demonstrate our intentions to them and to work with them in shaping the right scheme. And 2, It reinforces my view that extending and remodelling is going to be a significant sector of business over the coming years and if approached correctly, can produce some really interesting architecture which is bespoke to you.

If you have a project you wish to discuss, please do get in touch


18 Jan


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All this talk of extensions got me reminiscing about the near 10 years we have now been working on our place and i guess its kind of finished but as all of you know… “its never finished!”.¬†

A few pictures below tell a very brief history with important help along the way from friends and our farmer neighbours who were amazing throughout

Brings back some great memories though and gets me itchy to get these hands busy building again!

Hope you enjoy them anyway


18 Jan


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Still on the remodel theme, here is another highly ambitious scheme i designed for clients in Oxfordshire in a AHLV (Area of High Landscape Value) so even more chuffed that we got planning fully approved at the end of last year.

The clients have now been working with our good friends at Oakwrights in respect of the structural oak frame and thermal encapsulation system which is a “no-brainer” once you understand the benefits in terms of off-site manufacture and therefore reduced site logistics and also high energy performance, all of which is achieved using naturally sourced insulation materials.¬†

Looking forward to seeing this one go up later in the year 


18 Jan


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Can’t believe i have not been able to get to my blog since last September! This thing called work and now a nearly 2 year old daughter¬†seem to get in the way…¬†

2012 was a good year mainly with lots of projects coming on board and good planning permissions being obtained for clients old and new… I have seen a sharp rise in extensions over the last couple of years and where these were perhaps frowned upon in years gone by, the exact opposite is now the case and some of the projects i have got my hands on are fantastic. I like to call them remodels rather than simply an extension as you really need to think a little outside the box nowadays and go the extra mile in terms of how you add extra space to buildings¬†successfully¬†both in terms of spatial flow and also cohesive architecture.

This project for example is currently in for planning at Babergh District Council in Suffolk and proposes significant extensions (remodels!) in oak frame to a 19th Century linear Suffolk cottage and whilst it would appear ambitious, i have designed it to be complementary to the host dwelling whilst at the same time creating a home that has exciting contemporary open plan layouts and large elements of glazing to promote natural solar gain.

We have a little fight on our hands with the council but i am 100% convinced this is a good scheme which will preserve the life of this house for much longer than it would have been if left to its own devices and ultimately fall into disrepair through neglect. I look forward to updating you further as we go through the planning process with a decision due in March


10 Aug


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Very very pleased with this one! Its been a while coming but at last today we have received full planning approval for this replacement dwelling in Essex.

I am pleased on many levels really. Firstly, my clients have already sold their house and have been on site in two caravans for 3 winters and during this time have had 2 children! As you can imagine, this has not been the easiest of situations so my full admiration goes out to them.

Secondly, this was an ambitious application to achieve a highly contemporary building in what is a fairly sleepy and traditional Essex village and i am so happy to have been able to take a contemporary project on like this and get the approval through first time. As i have blogged previously, i am now getting a good mix of both traditional and contemporary clients so am in design heaven really!

This is a mood board i worked up with the clients which gives a flavour as to how cool this building is going to look! I cannot wait to get things moving now for these great clients.

I am going to be assisting them with sourcing the timber frame package and can also help them build good relationships with some of my subcontractors and suppliers for the rest of the build.

This is going to be a good one!


PS. did i mention we have designed the existing outdoor swimming to become an underground games room accessed via a tunnel from the main house with glass rooflights set into the lawn above?, well we are and its been approved! Very cool…

25 Jul

The 1958 Shard?

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A little quiz for you all on this Wednesday morning. 

Who do you think sketched this amazing drawing out in 1958? 

And do you not think this is very close to the design of the controversial Shard in London? Do you love it or think its a blot on the London landscape…? would love to hear your views.


20 Jul


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Please also remember to find us on Facebook at  where galleries of my work are available for viewing

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20 Jul


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So, i have once again been doing battle with the planners for this site in Ascot together with an overcautious trees officer but at long last it looks like we have a planning approval on behalf of one of my long standing developer clients.

This is a replacement dwelling project in a classic Ascot leafy drive with some absolutely stunning properties so i am pleased that another PJT project is going to be built here. I say another as a house i designed a few years ago is now finished literally opposite this site and on the market right now if you fancy it..? check it out at and just to warn you, you need a few quid short of 3 million to get your hands on this one!