These clients have built twice before so 3rd time round was the opportunity to do that really special house that they have always wanted and also to have a bit of fun along the way…

We worked in partnership with the clients in terms of the planning process as they already knew some of the planning people so this made sense. We produced a good strong Lincolnshire country house which will be fully brick finished but then made more contemporary with the use of exposed glazed oak framing and pastel tones for joinery. Although largely traditionally referenced externally, internally will be very different with a more contemporary feel. This has been achieved with a simple post and beam oak frame with only a small proportion of signature features to ensure clean lines.

The plot featured two magnificent trees which had to be taken into account through the design process in terms of root protection zones and future impact on growth etc. Once the house is up, the whole plot will look really balanced and immediately established so it is often worth working with any trees on site rather than against them.

Well done though Neil and Pippa………. happy days ahead!

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