This falls into the “what a result” category most definitely

We secured the design for these clients last summer when we met them at one of the Homebuilding and Renovating regional roadshows and are pleased to report we now have formal planning permission.

The job consisted of designing 2 detached country style houses on a new development of just 5 plots, exclusively set within a 12′ high original Victorian walled garden with woodland backdrop and set within the grounds of a stately home. As you can imagine, absolute stunning in terms of location but a complete nightmare when it comes to the planning! Well, we got it in the end and everyone is happy.
The above sketch is the original concept i came up with after meeting the clients for the first time. Check out the final versions on our Facebook page in the May/June gallery

We will get some photos up on the blog once they start building but i get the feeling they are going to be pretty special…!


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