So, i finished my concept designs for the new farmhouse project in Lincolnshire yesterday afternoon and emailed them up to the client.

I was very happy to receive an email from them last night with the best reaction a designer could wish for…… and i quote “Hi Pete, Absolutely love the design, well done! You have had fun designing this one!”

The very special relationship i share with my clients is based on me getting into their heads and understanding what it it they are trying to achieve. They often underestimate their capabilities as designers which is understandable but they do have the core data that is required to create the initial concept and i am involved to then facilitate its creation.

This project is looking great already and as always, i design my clients houses as if they were my own and therefore i always aim for the best.

Nice to get this reaction as always and i will update on the planning process as we go through it.


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