Very very pleased with this one! Its been a while coming but at last today we have received full planning approval for this replacement dwelling in Essex.

I am pleased on many levels really. Firstly, my clients have already sold their house and have been on site in two caravans for 3 winters and during this time have had 2 children! As you can imagine, this has not been the easiest of situations so my full admiration goes out to them.

Secondly, this was an ambitious application to achieve a highly contemporary building in what is a fairly sleepy and traditional Essex village and i am so happy to have been able to take a contemporary project on like this and get the approval through first time. As i have blogged previously, i am now getting a good mix of both traditional and contemporary clients so am in design heaven really!

This is a mood board i worked up with the clients which gives a flavour as to how cool this building is going to look! I cannot wait to get things moving now for these great clients.

I am going to be assisting them with sourcing the timber frame package and can also help them build good relationships with some of my subcontractors and suppliers for the rest of the build.

This is going to be a good one!


PS. did i mention we have designed the existing outdoor swimming to become an underground games room accessed via a tunnel from the main house with glass rooflights set into the lawn above?, well we are and its been approved! Very cool…

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