I do from time to time get to indulge my passion for contemporary projects and am pleased to say we have received full planning approval today for our clients on this scheme.

The existing house is a bit of 60/70 post modernism which in some respects never really quite hit the mark.

Over the years it has been extended and knocked about but ultimately it was never going to be right for our clients until i got my hands on it!

The scheme proposes removing the single storey flat roof section which currently houses 3 bedrooms and to move these upstairs into a new extension. The space at ground floor level can therefore be remodelled to create the utlimate large kitchen/dining/family room that we all aspire to nowadays.

In addition to the design element for this project, we also advised on how the external facade of the house should be clad in insulating panels and then re clad in a combination of locally referenced bricks and crisp acrylic thin coat render. Most of the joinery will also be replaced with double or triple glazed windows and doors.

So as you can see, whether you have a traditional or contemporary project or something in between, we can design the right scheme for you and get the planning approval. After that, you can enjoy the fun bit which is building it! We can also help you out with this as well by way of referral to our select group of builders and sub-contractors


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