I have a really great update from some of my clients in Buckinghamshire. This is a house i designed back in 2009 and it is now nearing completion and looks absolutely stunning!
Front Elevation 

My Planning Drawings

Front Driveway Approach

Rear Garden View

Rear Elevation

 This has been another joint venture with my good friends at T J Crump Oakwrights Ltd and you can see from the photos that these particular clients really knew what they wanted to achieve. 

The mix of materials is perfect for this beautiful rural plot and also the attention to detail is spot on. They wanted to build a house with instant character and they most certainly have pulled it off!

As is often the case with the PJT Design/Oakwrights partnership, we love to produce houses based on tradition whilst at the same time, introducing contemporary elements too.

Congratulations June and Geoff from myself and all at Oakwrights!

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