This job in Suffolk has been taking a few twists and turns lately but looks like we are close to doing a deal with the planners to get it approved.

First we had the newts to deal with a few months ago but this is now resolved albeit my clients do have slightly lighter pockets! Newts are high maintenance, trust me!

We then recently had some feedback from the locals that they liked the design but did not want to see the barn fully timber boarded. It is often the assumption that barns have to be timbered but there are indeed many good looking barns in brick or stone but it was the request of the locals that it should be rendered! This is fairly unusual to be honest but luckily Suffolk is one of the very counties where you might possibly see a rendered barn.

I worked through a few various combinations and ended up with a mainly rendered barn but with subtle elements of timber boarding just to funk it up a bit. Really loving it and i have heard back from everyone today to say they are loving it too….





Fingers crossed, should have an approval for this through in early May


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