Much celebration in the PJT Design studio this morning as we have achieved an ambitious planning approval for Suffolk clients for one of my most ambitious extension/remodel projects in recent years which is also amongst my favourites.

The existing property is a small narrow cottage which is to be extended and remodelled to well over double its current size and will provide contemporary open plan living spaces mixed in with of course oak framing!!

Below are the existing front elevation and proposed

I loved the project from the start but more importantly i loved the clients. They have always been focused and informative and helped me drive the project along in an efficient manner.

Below are the existing rear elevation and proposed

What this approval demonstrates is two key things; 1 – You should always enter into pre-application discussions with the local authority when considering a project like this as in this instance, Babergh District Council have documented within the approval notice that the pre-app work we undertook allowed us to professionally demonstrate our intentions to them and to work with them in shaping the right scheme. And 2, It reinforces my view that extending and remodelling is going to be a significant sector of business over the coming years and if approached correctly, can produce some really interesting architecture which is bespoke to you.

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