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18 Oct

Surrey green belt house approved

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Nice little result yesterday…. after an on and off 2 year battle with Mole Valley District Council in Surrey, we received planning permission for this replacement dwelling in the Green Belt.


The project has been arduous at times and to say the clients have been patient is an understatement!

We suffered delays at the end of 2012 due to missing out on the bat survey season (may-september) so the job was put on hold until May 2013. Having established the bat presence, we were then able to demonstrate mitigation proposals as part of the planning application, all of which was part of the build up to the formal submission.

Because this project was in the Green Belt, we also had to undertake numerous other elements of the application such as volume calculations, profile impact assessments on the landscape, tree surveys, etc etc, you name it,….. this job had it!

At the end of the day, what is important is that we had a result. What i do, is all about results and getting that planning permission for clients. Yes, its challenging, yes, its frustrating and yes, it does sometimes involve compromise. However, if you can put these technicalities to one side once the approval is in place and look forwards to what is going to be one of the best adventures of your lifetime, it is so worth it.

What is important to me is to have great clients with great sites where i get to design some truly unique homes for them to live in for many years to come and for those homes to reward them and their families at all times.

Congratulations to Gem and Chris anyway….. we did get there! 🙂


18 Oct

Retirement is for wimps

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So i was out an about with my work experience placement James today at client meetings and i said we would go and visit one of my recent Cambridgeshire completions. As chance had it, the main man Tim Crump was there with his professional photographer to do a full shoot on the place. These clients are a particular favourite of mine and as always, its great to spend time with Tim because you cannot fail to feed off of his enthusiasm for what we do.

What is evident from this project and many others we are involved with is that it appears that when you hit your 70’s, you don’t roll over and think about playing bingo and making maximum use of your free bus pass,.. absolutely not,…. you build yourself a house!

And this profile of client are an absolute pleasure to work with as they have a huge amount of ideas for their new house based on years of experience and have a “lets get it done” attitude.

I am pictured here (on the right) with Tim and our clients and to meet them in their new Oakwrights home on such a beautiful day was the best thing i could ever hope for at the end of a project.