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25 Jul

The 1958 Shard?

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A little quiz for you all on this Wednesday morning. 

Who do you think sketched this amazing drawing out in 1958? 

And do you not think this is very close to the design of the controversial Shard in London? Do you love it or think its a blot on the London landscape…? would love to hear your views.


20 Jul


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20 Jul


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So, i have once again been doing battle with the planners for this site in Ascot together with an overcautious trees officer but at long last it looks like we have a planning approval on behalf of one of my long standing developer clients.

This is a replacement dwelling project in a classic Ascot leafy drive with some absolutely stunning properties so i am pleased that another PJT project is going to be built here. I say another as a house i designed a few years ago is now finished literally opposite this site and on the market right now if you fancy it..? check it out at and just to warn you, you need a few quid short of 3 million to get your hands on this one!