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17 May


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following some recent art commissions, i have undertaken a few spin off shoots and have some collections coming up for sale soon as limited runs of prints….

Each collection consists of between 6 and 14 images… the thumbnails below just happen to be my favourites!

Collection 1 – “Everything in it’s place”

Collection 2 – “Symmetry in built forms”

Collection 3 – “L.I.G.H.T.F.O.R.M.S

Collection 4 – “Haze”

Any print, any size, any media will be available through very soon!

17 May


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This is an interesting job down in Surrey…

The clients live in an old Quakers meeting house but desperately need more space.

Being defined as a Heritage Asset, we have aligned our concepts with the recently published PPS 5 which recognises that although older properties have a value in terms of heritage and architectural significance, their continued preservation will only be achieved through evolvement of buildings meeting the needs of today.

We have therefore retained the identity of the original dwelling by keeping our proposals simple and modernist and clearly being recognisable and readable of a building of this century.

We will keep you posted!