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22 Apr


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This is a great little site in open countryside about 15 minutes from our studio….. nice local job!

A bespoke design we created for the clients based on a traditional oak frame 3 bay cottage and with lots of nice details and personal features…

The frame was erected in 5 days by Oakwrights and the clients are well pleased with the project already…

We will keep you updated with new pics soon…

Well done David and Angela….. you made it!
22 Apr


In Misc by Pete Tonks / April 22, 2009 / 0 Comments

Only days away now from the ZONE home studio launch at GDL Excel 09!!!

We are constructing a full ZONE studio in the Grand Village for this 10 day exhibition in London.

Be the first to see it!

ZONE by Potton is a PJT Design collaboration and is aimed at people just like me who enjoy and understand the benefits of working from home. We have already had enquiries from like minded professionals, to parents who want to provide ZONE playrooms for their kids as well as art/music studios.

ZONE is the future………. Go to for more info and to register for details